Terms & Conditions


Regular Safaris

A 50% deposit of the daily rate is required upon booking the hunting safari. The balance is payable by cash, travelers cheque or credit card upon completion of the safari.

Special Hunting Safari Packages

A deposit of $1000 is required upon booking the hunting safari.


In the event of a booking being cancelled the following will apply:

  Days Prior to Arrival     % of Deposit Refundable  
More than 49 days 100% *
28 to 49 days 75% *
14 to 28 days 50% *
Less than 14 days 0%

*Please note: A 15% administration fee will be charged for all refunds.


Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge shall not be liable for any damage, losses and expenses suffered by any client as a result of sickness, quarantine, weather conditions, war, strikes, riots or any other cause outside our control.Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodgeaccepts no liability in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to person or property arising out of any act, omission or negligence.The client shall be deemed to have waived, renounced and abandoned any and all right or entitlement which the client may be entitled to under the provisions of the law of the Republic of South Africa for any loss or damage to person or property.Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge shall not be liable for any loss or expense arising from the loss of property, cancellation or curtailment of the hunting safari however caused, save only to the extent that such loss of baggage, cancellation or curtailment was caused by the Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge’s negligence. If sickness or accident interrupts a safari, Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge shall not be liable for any cost or expense arising there from, save only to the extent that such sickness or accident was caused by the Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge’s willful act or gross negligence. The operator shall not be liable for any refund, either total or partial, of client money paid. We recommend passengers to take out necessary insurance’s to protect the passengers against such eventuality.

Client Responsibility

Clients may not carry any unlawful articles or substances whilst traveling in the South African region. If any passenger offends against the prohibitions set out herein, Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge will be entitled to immediately exclude from the safari hunting party the offender who will be responsible for his or her own repatriation and all costs thereof. Kirabo Safaris/Kirabo Game Lodge will under no circumstances assist any such offender in any dealings or negotiations with any authority.


In all matters where it is, or may be necessary to have recourse to the Court, the Courts of the Republic of South Africa shall have sole jurisdiction to the exclusion of the Courts of any other country and the prevailing law of the Republic of South Africa shall prevail.

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