Taxidermy & Shipping

Before commencing on your Safari, you need to decide where you want your trophies mounted, and by whom.
You have 2 options: Having the Taxidermy done in South Africa, or back home.

Option 1: Mounts done in South Africa
Once your trophy is shot, we will skin the animal according to how you want it mounted, be it a shoulder, full, pedestal mount or flat skin. You can also ask your PH his advice on what he thinks is the best way to present the animal.
When the animal is skinned, the skin and skull are preserved in our skinning shed.
After your hunt, the taxidermist of your choice will collect your skins, skulls and horns from us to start the taxidermy process.
The taxidermist will get in contact with you via email. You will receive a list from them with all the species you gave them to mount. This list will be in accordance with the list you gave Kirabo as outfitter with all your desired mount specifications. Please make sure all the species are listed on this invoice supplied by the taxidermist.
The normal deposit for any taxidermy is about 50% of the fee. Please contact the taxidermist before you arrive to make sure of all payment methods and requirements. They will also give you an estimated completion date, and when you can expect your trophies back home.
After the trophies are finished, the mounts will be crated and handed over to the shipping company. All taxidermists use their own shipping company.
You will then receive an invoice from the shipping company, and once that is paid, your mounts will be sent to your port of entry.
Here are a few names in South Africa that we recommend to our clients. Please contact these taxidermists personally, to ensure you are happy with the way they respond to you, the prices and quality of work.

1. Estelle Nel Taxidermy
Bela Bela (Limpopo)

Option 2: Mounts done back home
If you decide to have your mounts done by your taxidermist in your own country, the following process will occur:
The same skinning and preserving process will be used as in option 1.
After the hunt, the ship and dip company will collect your skins, skulls and horns from us to start the dipping process.
According to international laws, all animal parts that are exported out of any country in the world, have to be treated with pesticides and specialized treatment, in order to prevent the spread of disease.
The 2 companies we use for very effective and fast service are:


1. Swift Dip – Thabazimbi. The contact details are:
Email –

Please contact them for prices and estimates on full treatment, packing and shipping of your trophies.