Climate and Clothing

The Limpopo Province (State) is renowned for its hot, yet pleasant summers and dry winters. The province’s weather is characterised by almost year round sunshine.

Temperatures in this part of the country can vary from extremely hot during the day to very cold at night. During the winter months (June through August) temperatures as low as 2–12°C (36-54°F) can be expected with highs of 16–24°C (61-75°F). April, May, September and October are warm (20–30°C or 68-86°F). November to March is hot (28–38°C or 82-100°F) with occasional thundershowers.

Fall: 15 March – 30 April
Winter: 1 May – 31 August
Spring: 1 September – 15 October
Summer: 16 October – 14 March

Hunting in South Africa runs year round with the main hunting season from middle April till middle September.
The Limpopo province gets summer rainfall, so there are basically two ways to determine when the best time for your Safari will be.

•  Middle April – end June, the bush (brush) is thick, with a lot of foliage, which makes it difficult to see. The animals have not been shot at that much, and are relatively calm.

•  July – September, the foliage is down, which makes visibility much better. It is very dry during this time of the year, forcing the animals to visit the waterholes more often, and travel greater distances for grazing.

•  The Limpopo province has very hot summers and mild winters.

•  Hunting from March – April, and September – October, you can expect mid day temperatures around the 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit). The early morning and late afternoons can be chilly.

•  Hunting May – August, you can expect mid day temperatures around the 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). The early morning and late afternoons are cold. The night temperature can go down to 0 – 5 degrees Celsius (32 – 42 degrees Fahrenheit)

There is a six to nine hour time difference from SA to the USA. (Summer time USA).

•  East Coast time: New York – 6 Hours

•  Central time: Chicago – 7 Hours

•  Mountain time: Denver – 8 Hours

•  West Coast time: Seattle – 9 Hours

Comfortable safari clothing is advised. Be sure to bring at least one very warm jacket and a set of gloves to brave the winter mornings. For the summer months light clothing is advised.