How the Safari Works

Rifle Hunting:
You as the client will determine the style of hunting. Be it walk and stalk, or shooting from vantage points, or shooting from the pick-up (for those who have physical difficulty in walking or crawling).
We do all spotting from vehicles, driving on the back of a pick-up. Once the animal is spotted, and the PH decides the animal is worth harvesting, a plan will be made to get off and stalk. We use tri-pod shooting sticks to shoot from. We recommend that clients practice using similar sticks before coming on Safari.
We have a complete shooting range where you shall sight in your rifle (s) prior to undertaking your Safari.



Bow Hunting:
Most bow hunting is done from Bow Blinds. We use both ground and elevated blinds for hunting. The blinds are set up on waterholes, where we also put out mineral and salt licks. Shooting distances vary from 10 – 30 yards. If a hunter wants to walk and stalk with the bow, the hunter must be comfortable with shooting at least 50 yards.