Packages vs Price List

Kirabo offers yearly special packages for all its clients. These packages are at a reduced price, to offer the most affordable hunts to the clients. This is the best way to plan your first Safari. It includes many of the most wanted species. You decide which package you want, as a basis for your hunt. Whatever you shoot outside the package from the price list, will just be added extra. You can shoot whatever you wish. All the basic costs are covered in these special packages. All these packages for the USA are 10-day trips, and for Europeans, it is a 7-day trip.

You can however plan your entire trip yourself. You determine the number of days you have available to hunt, pay a basic daily fee, and then just hunt for the species you choose from the price list. There are no minimum or maximum days.

If you are on a business trip to South Africa, we can organize a hunt as an add on to your trip.
We can customize a trip to suit an individual’s or a groups needs. Contact us for a quotation.