Firearm Information

Importation of Firearms

Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes, will be asked to fill in a Temporary Import Application Form (SAP 520). This form may be downloaded from the SAPS Website, and can be completed before arrival in order to save precious time. Please remember to use black ink only and DO NOT sign it until you are in the presence of an official at the airport. Once issued a temporary import permit is for a particular person only and is not transferable. They are issued for a period of 90 or 180 days.

The following documentation is required along with the SAP 520:

1. Identity and Flight Details

a) Passport
b) Return Airline Ticket

2. Other Supporting Documentation

a) Proof of Ownership
Firearm licenses, documentary proof, etc. For USA Citizens, Customs Declaration Form 4457 (officially stamped) is acceptable.

b) Proof of Export
Documentary proof of export from the country of origin

c) Motivational Letter from Client
This is a letter from the client stating that he is temporarily importing the refered firearm/s for the purpose of hunting (list the species to be hunted), etc.

d) Invitation Letter from the Hunting Outfitter
This is a supporting document from the hunting outfitter/company with whom the client will be hunting, to include full name of company, full contact details and address, dates and location where the client will be hunting and confirming that the applicant will be using the specific firearms as applied for.