Rifle Selection

The most important aspect of picking the right firearm for your hunt is for you to be comfortable with the firearm. You need to know your rifle, the rifle’s capabilities, and most of all, your own capabilities with that specific firearm. You are spending a lot of time to fly over to South Africa, spending a lot of money on your safari and the trophies you would like to harvest. Why not make sure you know your firearm? Do not think bigger is always better, as you might not be comfortable in shooting a bigger caliber rifle. Shot placement is the most important aspect of the hunt, not the size of the bullet.

Practice with your rifle before you go on Safari. Use various brands of ammunition to make sure you get the best grouping. Be comfortable and familiar with your rifle prior to your departure for Safari.
Plan the species you would like to harvest, as well as the area you would like to hunt. These aspects will determine the caliber that you are going to use.
You are NOT permitted any automatic or semi automatic firearms in South Africa.
You are, by law, allowed to bring 2 rifles, not of the same caliber, into South Africa. You are not allowed to bring more that 100 rounds of ammunition per rifle. Make sure your rifles are in a hard lockable gun case. Your ammunition is to be carried in a separate container than your rifles. The ammunition container must also be locked.

Bushveld Area:
If you are going to hunt in the Bushveld (Kirabo) or Lowveld of South Africa (Limpopo or Mpumalanga Provinces), you are going to need a heavier bullet, which will enable you to shoot through some brush. The recommended caliber for this area is any .30 caliber and up.
The 2 calibers we prefer are a .338 Winchester or a .375 H&H.
Please zero your rifle for this area on 100 yards.
Average Shot distance will be less than 100 yards.

Highveld / Grass Savanna Area:
When hunting on the Highveld for species such as Springbuck, Black Wildebeest and so on, we need a flat shooting rifle that can shoot longer distances. The preferred calibers for this are either a .300 Win Mag, or .270. Please zero your rifle at 200 yards.
Average shot distance could be anything from 150 yards to 300 yards.