Rifle Import Process

We assist all our hunters in the pre approved and pre issued temporary import permits for firearms into South Africa. This will save much valuable time clearing Customs

For all clients traveling from the USA:

•   Go to your local Custom office and obtain a US Customs Form 4457. This must be sent to our import agent who shall be meeting and greeting you at Johannesburg International Airport. The 4457 Form must also be produced upon demand to the US Customs Officials when you return to the USA. This form has no expiration date and a photocopy is also valid. It is suggested to carry more than one copy in a variety of safe places.

•   The company we use, Rifle Permits, will assist you with any questions that you may have in dealing with the SAP 520 form. Most of the directions you will find below for your information.

•   Fill out the SAP 520 Temporary Firearm Import permit. Download this form from www.saps.gov.za/crime_prevention/firearms/forms/english/e520.pdf.
Complete the following in Black Ink:
Page 2 – E – Natural person’s details
Page 4 – G – Import/Export details
Page 5 – I – Details of firearms and ammunition
Page 6 – J – Signature of applicant
Page 8 – N – Signature of nominee/authorized person

•   Rifle Permits will assist you in this whole process, and will make sure all goes smooth and well.

•   Arriving in Johannesburg, your Kirabo representative and a person from Rifle Permits, will meet you at arrivals and take you through the process of getting your firearm checked at the Police Station (Importing of Firearms)

•   At the police office, a police officer will just verify that your rifles and paper work are in order, after which you are free to leave. There is no hassle in getting this done.

•   After the hunt, at the airport, you will go to check in. All rifles are to be mentioned at the check in counter. Someone from the airline will then escort you to the police office, where they will just confirm according to your paper work, that you are leaving the country with the same firearm as you entered. This is a quick and no effort exercise.


We recommend: Making copies of all this paperwork, including your passport and all medicines that you require. Give copies to a person traveling with you.