Airlines & Transport

US Citizens

There are 2 options:

•  Flying straight from the USA to South Africa, This option is the best and the fastest, taking in consideration the flying time, time in airports and the paperwork for your firearms.

•  The second option is to fly from the USA, to Europe/ Asia, and then to South Africa. Flying over Europe, is however most of the times cheaper. Make sure when taking this option that you can fly with your firearm through the desired airport of your choice in Europe/ Asia.

There are 2 airlines that fly directly from the USA to South Africa. Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

•  Delta flies daily from Atlanta to Johannesburg. The flight leaves Atlanta nonstop to arrive in Johannesburg late the next afternoon.
•  United flies daily from Newark Airport (NJ) to Johannesburg. The flight leaves Newark nonstop to arrive in Johannesburg the next afternoon.

•  The flight time from the USA to Johannesburg is about 15 – 16 Hours.
•  The flight from Johannesburg to the USA is about 16 – 18 Hours.

Plan your trip to fly out of your home city, arrive in any of the 2 cities above, the same day that your flight leaves the USA for Johannesburg. Doing this will save you money on hotel costs before and after the trip.
Once you arrive in Johannesburg, a Kirabo representative will meet you at the airport. All ground transportation is included in the price. If you wish to fly (charter) to your hunting area, please contact us for a private quotation.


There are many airlines that fly from most of the big cities in Europe to Johannesburg daily. Most of the flights arrive in Johannesburg in the morning. This is on average a 10 – 11 hour flight, with no stops.